She dances with the sun at the dawn of each day, To take care of the world
I kicked a tree once, and she made me apologize. For trees have feelings too.
That’s the day I saw nature bleed
A day I will never forget.

Save the rain in buckets at a time
The rain is for her flowers
Not for play, this water is sacred
No mud pies for me with granny’s special water

This water is spiritual she says
See, my grandmother was a spiritual woman

A snake once crawled across the road
It’s said if you kill it, you defeat an enemy

She killed it with a stick and no fear in her eyes,

I knew she had power before I was nine.

Of her sisters, she’s the only one to remember Her mother’s songs,
Her mother’s cookings,
Her mother’s voice.

See my great-grandmother was a spiritual woman. Granny bottled every experience,
Her mother ever gave her
I believe it’s in the rain water, that feeds her flowers